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Ayame Sohma is 27 and the Snake of the zodiac. He is Yuki's older brother. Ayame is vivacious, garrulous, and has a knack for making Yuki and Kyo angry.

He runs a business that makes women's clothing and men's clothing and often wears women's clothing himself -- to see if they're feasible of course. He named his shop after himself and runs it with Mine, his best friend and seamstress of the store.

Vain and just slightly secretly self-conscious, he is really a thoughtful person underneath his "selective" skin. He has piercing yellow eyes and white hair compared to Yuki's violet and grey. He has a fear of being alone. Much to Yuki's surprise, Ayame was actually a student body president in high school.

Ayame maybe Yuki's big brother, but they are nothing alike. Ayame is much louder than Yuki, not to mention much more sure of himself. He is under the impression that he is the most charming person in the world.

Ayame likes to dress up in women's clothing from time to time. His only intention is to bond with Yuki -- no matter how much it might seem like he only wants to piss everyone off.


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The Blog of Ayame Sohma...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

taking the lead to the future!

It's 2013! And I am still amazing!


Despite that I am still amazing, I can't help feel that there should be a major change to my shop. M-hmm. How do I know this? It's simple. When I came to work this morning, I realized that I've been staring at the same ceiling, the same walls, the same displays for the past number of years. The front of my shop has not changed and so at that very moment I've decided to call for a renovation! When something calls for action, I do not dilly-dally and so I jump into it quick!

I called the construction company and asked for a bid. And then I asked the bank for a loan. Afterwards, I asked my friend architect to sketch something for me. So now-- construction starts tomorrow! Indeed I am amazing.

To all my critics! No, it was not a hasty decision! No! I am not making a mistake. And no! I do not need to think this through! My shop simply needs some changes and nothing will occur if there is no action! This is a new era!

amazed myself at 6:26 PM

Monday, August 27, 2012

we shall get started!

Fall is approaching fast! I know it's still summer, but you know me. I don't do well when it gets cold. And I mean that literally. I can't get along with cold people and I know a certain someone who's still stubborn to warm up to me. Sigh. Why does he have to put up a strong front? I know that I'm likeable and I know he can't resist me. Oh my, now we're almost talking dirty. I meant my younger brother Yuki. Oh my word, now it has become forbidden-- anyway! I meant that after so many years has passed, why does he still treat me like I'm not his older brother? I thought we were able to connect.

Yuki quit his job in my shop. He said that he's interested to pursue other things this summer. I didn't know what to say after he quit. At first he was joking, but I was speechless when he formally announced to me and Mine-chan that he quit. I had no choice, so I let him go. I wasn't upset, but I was rather curious where he would go next.

I'm a bit relieved because I feel like he has something planned for his future.

Although it is lonesome that he is gone. It was especially hard working this Monday.

I have an idea. It's ironic, but it makes sense. Now that Yuki quit, maybe it's time to add someone to my harem-- I mean hire more hands to prosper my shop. I shall only hire the creme of the cream. The topnotcher of the topnotchers. Yes, I mean, it only makes sense that the best would work for the best. Because if mediocre works for the best, I wouldn't get the logic of it. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to try a fallacy sometime.

So since we're going to be looking for someone to fill in the spot, maybe I should try Shi-han's house if someone would be interested. I think there is someone.

amazed myself at 6:05 PM

Saturday, July 16, 2011

worry not, my Saturday

My eyes have been opened! Beware of spending too much time on things of too little importance! How true! Now I have to keep my watch and avoid doing unimportant jobs. However, I ask myself how would you know if you're doing something important or unimportant? Important is such a subjective idea. I'm confused.

Sleep is important, right? It's considered as very important too, because when the body doesn't get much sleep, it might not work properly. And it can even endanger the health or endanger the people around the person. So I must spend a lot of time on sleep.

TV is important, right? If the person is bored, it can lead to other painful tendencies, make the person pessimistic, without color and empty. So I should watch the TV often.

Going home is important, right? Because work is not eternity and the body needs to rest. There is no place like home. One can find shelter and healing of the mind and body as well. So I must go home quickly and spend a lot of time at home.

Playing is important, right? As the famous saying goes, all work and no play makes Ayame a dull boy. Without play, creativity won't flow. Monotony will take over. Life will become black and white; worse it will become only gray. Playing can also inspire other people to work hard. So I should play often.

Friends are important as well. With many friends, you'll gain popularity and fame. I must find more friends quickly so I can be famous.

On the other hand, work is not important. It's not urgent. It's always there and it never goes away anyway. There's always work to be done. So I wouldn't worry about it. In addition, I have already gained so much experience of work. So I should spend less time at work and let someone else do it. That way, I can help someone gain that experience. And helping other people is important too.

amazed myself at 1:22 PM

Saturday, May 21, 2011

worthy of celebration

"Oh what a rare sight!"

My dear brother came early today. Even though he works only Saturdays, usually he comes to work five minutes early. Today he stepped in 44 minutes and 12 seconds early. How accurate, isn't it? I always track the time he comes in. Unfortunately, we had to close the shop for today. I just wanted to get the catalog from him.

Oh right, I could've gone to Shi-chan's house and grabbed it there. But it's more fun when you set your little brother on an errand.

"Here's the stupid catalog. I finished the job. Since we're closing the shop today, I'm going home."

"Not so fast, Mine-san is coming shortly. We're eating out."

amazed myself at 12:49 PM

Monday, May 16, 2011


I had a fantastic sore throat!

When I woke up, I think I forgot to curl my body inside my blanket. Curse my perfect posture. Even my unconscious mind prefers to keep my posture straight rather than bending my body to seek refuge of my luxurious warm blanket. It's hard to sleep with your body straight. My arms and limbs become stiff. And oh please don't put candles and incense beside me. Anyway, that's not important. What's important is my sore throat. It lasted two whole days; I believe it's no ordinary sore throat. But a step up sore throat. Gasp! I hope it's not a strep throat.

The following day, my sore throat was still there and I eventually caught the cold. I had to wear a face mask to work. Mine-san felt sorry about my condition. But I couldn't stay home for some rest. I mean, I couldn't leave the shop by herself. So I tried my best to inspire the young audience and come to work even while I'm sick; I'm making a sacrifice for the good of the community. Spring is here and we're making a sale on winter jackets. They're basically leftover items. However, they have top quality. I can assure you.

The facemask also served a marketing purpose, see? I guess the people who entered the shop, who just wanted to look around, ended up buying some coats later. As they saw me struggling to greet them a good morning or a good afternoon, they felt my hands shake as I shook their hands, they saw my teary eyes, these good people understood my position. They felt sorry for me, and bought some stuff. Others felt inspired and bought more. And then there were those who thought I was a hardworking hero and bought even more clothes. I told every customer a story about how I would struggle to wake up and fight for my life just so I can reach the shop because of this illness. True story.

Anyway, I made lots of sales today. From the looks of it, I can take two day break this week -- add the Saturday and Sunday.

amazed myself at 7:58 PM